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I wish to introduce myself as an individual who is always ready to learn something new and is very creative and inventive in nature.I love to spend my time on Web and started my web journey 2 years ago. I am Web addict, advisor, analyst, developer, domainer, freelancer, blogger, consultant, google fan, hosting consultant and more.I spend most of my time online, developing websites, reading and writing technical blogs, providing web consultancy, researching on new web advancements.I hail from Dholpur currently working as a Software Engineer in Reputed National IT company in Noida. I have 1+ year experience in IT Industry. I, Ghanshyam Agrawal am being brought up in upper middle class family. I am always taught to pay prime importance to ethical and personal values of love, peace and sincerity. Personal aim of my life is to place myself in a better position in the ever expanding corporate world. I am a skilled web developer with a great attitude. i understands the importance of completing tasks on time.

Ghanshyam Agrawal Dotnet Developer

Mission :

To make effective contribution corresponding to value addition to my job as well as the organization while steadily moving up the hierarchy with continuous learning. I have the reputation of performing to the best of my abilities and giving the best to the company i work for. And at last I would like to quote the two lines, which have influenced me a lot.
“You can’t harvest success, unless you plant a seed of success“.

1. GUI Programming

ASP.Net with C#. Net 4.0 & 4.5 Framworks
Front Page, Html, Javascript, Css

3. Database

SQL Server 2008/2012, My Sql, MS Access

5. Third Party

Facebook,Twiter,Google+,Linkedin,SkypeUp etc.

Ghanshyam Agrawal Dotnet Developer

2. Web Tools

Crystal Reports,Pdf Reports,Exel Reports, HTML Reports, Ajax, Photoshop

4. Payment Gateway

Paypal, EBS,

4. Search Engine Optimization

Seo With Multiple types,online Marketing

Dotnet Developer, Expert in Payment Gateway Industry,
E-commerce applications and Windows Application Developement .A skilled web developer with a Specialist Of ASP.Net.